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I repair and,if necessary, restore Lionel transformers w/metal cases, and repair all Lionel transformers built before 1966. I can supply ''repro'' boxes for most transformers, the box labels are licensed w/Lionel. I have been repairing train transformer for over 30 yrs., we're now on a ''first name basis''.

All power cords are replaced, my liability insurance carrier INSISTS, all rollers are replaced, regardless of wear, when applicable to ZW,VW,KW,Z or V transformers, circuit breakers checked for opening time and if necessary, adjusted to original Lionel specs or replaced, all whistle controls are checked for proper DC voltage output and in most cases a diode will be installed which is a MUST for operating electronic trains!

Cosmetically, any missing or broken parts are replaced such as broken/missing handles, knobs and caps on KW's and even bent or badly scratched emblems as on ZW's and KW,s. Should there be rust or badly scratched base plates, they will be sandblasted and painted 2 coats. I can replace a broken LOWER case for a ZW, but have no stock for UPPER cases.

Shipping-- Packing of transformers is very important or they ''self destruct'', because of their weight. I try to DOUBLE box, preferably in your original box or one of my ''repro''' boxes, for added protection. When shipping a transformer to me, packing should be all around but especially on the bottom, so it provides a ''cushion'' against truck vibration. A bill will be enclosed for the repairs and shipping. Unless we've done business before, I may not release repaired xfmr till payment received. Personal checks, M/O's or Paypal welcomed.

What is the cost of this service? It will vary from transformer to transformer depending on what is needed, but generally ZW's 60.00- 70.00, KW's 40.00-50.00, TW's 45.00-55.00,(usually the orange handle is warped & must be replaced), LW's 25.00-35.00, 1033's or 1044,s 20.00-30.00. Please feel free to contact me about your particuliar problem. To view current items that are for sale, copy and paste this URL into your browser, http://stores.ebay.com/IFIXZWS 

 E-mail klerxfmr@att.net

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